Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Migraine Headache Dental Treatment

Easy Relief for Headaches without DrugsTMJ Bite Alignment Treatment Dentist Watertown SD
Let us introduce to you a small miracle in the form of an oral appliance called the NTI™ device that will relieve migraine and tension headaches by relaxing muscles in the head. The NTI has proven to prevent most headaches, and is an easy-to-use appliance that produces results quickly and painlessly. Clinical results show that over 80% of patients who tried this method achieved a 77% reduction of headaches. It is an affordable alternative to medication and is FDA approved.

Relieve TMJ/TMD Pain with Proper Bite Alignment
A dental malocclusion means that your upper and lower dental arches (or bite) do not come together as they should. This can be the reason for headaches, popping or sore jaws, and shoulder and neck pain. Sometimes teeth have been worn down over the years or the jaws are not properly positioned. Tension in the muscles adjacent to the jaw joint result, causing various types of pain or discomfort. Often people become accustomed to their pain and do not realize how it lessens the quality of their life. We have techniques that can restore your bite to its proper position, and you can be relieved of these problems to feel more energy and smile more often.

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