Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Advanced Patient Comfort

Isolite™ Makes it Easy for PatientsIsolite Dental Patient Comfort Watertown SD
Isolate is a development in dental technology that makes dental care more comfortable for you. It works as both a suction device and a very bright light to remove any shadows within your mouth for accuracy during procedures. As modern dentistry needs the treatment area to be dry, Isolite maintains a dry field, replacing the use of a bulky, uncomfortable rubber dam.  

Fat Lips are Gone after TreatmentOraVerse Fat Lip Treatment Dentist Watertown
The effect of anesthesia often lasts 3 to 5 hours after treatment is completed. Some patients feel very uncomfortable walking around with this feeling and find it hard to speak or eat, making it an embarrassing situation. We can now offer OraVerse™, a recent development that reverses the effect of the anesthetic in about 15 minutes. If the idea of being numb hours after treatment is unappealing, we can relieve this problem for you in just minutes.

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