Friday, 23 January 2015

Kids Dentist

Prevent Dental Cavities Watertown SDChildren’s Teeth Are Prone to Cavities
We always teach and encourage good dental hygiene for all our young patients. Their teeth are especially susceptible to cavities during their formative years due to various factors. They do not always brush well without supervision. We recommend that parents be a part of their daily dental care to ensure they clean their teeth as they need to be. Kids also tend to eat throughout the day, referred to as grazing. Every time food is present, acid is produced in the mouth. More exposure to these acids can cause more cavities if teeth are not brushed properly.

Also, teeth that go along without being clean cause ongoing acid production, which will not only increase the number of cavities, but the rate at which they develop. We encourage a healthier selection of foods and better daily care. One application of a fluoride varnish to children’s and adolescents’ teeth is also strongly recommended to reduce the occurrence of cavities.

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