Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Senior Dental Care

Dental Care for Seniors Watertown SD
Dental Care for Seniors
Our teeth and gums show signs of wear, tear, and age, like our bodies do. Years of use in chewing, drinking caffeine, smoking, and taking medications can all add up to undesirable changes that show on your teeth. Teeth may be worn down and uneven. Dark stains cannot be removed with daily brushing. And the flow of saliva through the mouth may be reduced by certain medicines.

Fillings loosen and allow the start of decay on the tooth or even at the roots. Teeth may have hairline fractures from old fillings that need replacement. Regular visits allow us to keep on top of any of these problems. Gum disease and root decay are also very common conditions for seniors and require immediate attention. If you experience loose teeth, bleeding, or inflamed and red gums, please contact us immediately. 

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