Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Dental Sealants Dentist

The Best Cavity Preventive Treatment for ChildrenPreventive Dental Treatment Watertown SD
Even careful brushing and flossing may not clean the back teeth thoroughly. As bacteria build up and teeth are exposed to more acid, plaque forms and eventually develops into cavities. Even the smallest cavity is permanent damage that needs a restoration. The good news is there is a quick and easy way to help prevent cavities. Dental sealants that are applied when a patient is still in his or her formative years have proven to greatly reduce the development of cavities.

After the teeth are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized, one clear coat of dental sealants is applied to the surface area of each tooth. A curing light is used to bond the application to the tooth. And that is the whole procedure! There is no tooth reduction, shots, or drilling. It is completely painless and takes just minutes to apply. This treatment is one of the best techniques for both children and adolescents to preserve their own teeth throughout their lives.

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