Monday, 15 September 2014

Orthodontics Watertown SD

Early Detection of Bite Problems Makes for Easier Correction Dental Braces Dentists Watertown SDIt is important to understand that wearing braces does not just straighten teeth but corrects the more serious problem of a malocclusion (bite disorder). Treatment at an early age can minimize the need for orthodontics or sometimes eliminate any need for braces. When this problem is detected at an early age, it allows for permanent teeth to come together as they should. Young children are at an advantage to more easily resolve this condition, as their bone is more pliable than an adult’s.

Our doctors are very qualified and use the latest techniques to make orthodontics comfortable and more attractive than ever. What used to be 3 – 5 years for treatment is now 6 – 24 months! Length of time varies according to personal needs and goals.  

Braces Do More than Straighten Teeth
Orthodontics do more than just give you a smile with straight, even teeth. Often teeth and jaws develop improperly, resulting in an improper bite that causes other problems. We offer specially designed oral appliances that guide the jaw and teeth into correct alignment. Having corrections of an overbite (upper teeth come over lower teeth), underbite (lower teeth are forward of upper teeth), and crossbite (teeth overlap on the sides) are more easily taken care as a child or adolescent, which helps to prevent more serious problems as an adult. 

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